The Cedotals: Happy Graymark Homeowners

On August 13, 2016 my home flooded in Denham Springs, LA.  My husband and I were overwhelmed with the process of rebuilding.  We started by getting 3 bids.  Even before getting the bid from Graymark Homes, I knew I would choose them.  The first impression with Graymark was that they truly wanted to help us rebuild our life.  After meeting Brenda Salter, I described her to friends and family in my same situation as the “house whisperer”.  When I looked around my home, I saw concrete floors and studs.  Brenda saw the future and how my home could be beautifully designed to make the best use of space for my family of four and our lifestyle.  Once I received the quote, I knew I had made the right choice.  The quote was within my budget and itemized so that I knew exactly how my money would be used.  Graymark made sure they stayed within my budget and used my insurance funds in the best way possible.  Graymark took the time to give me many design options for any changes we could make to improve our home layout.  Brenda also spent many hours with me choosing flooring, backsplash, lighting, paint, doors, and windows to make my home beautiful. Her attention to detail was meticulous.Her design ideas were incredible and my home looks amazing. The contractors working in my home were professional, true craftsmen that repaired my house in a timely manner.  They took pride in their work and made sure all repairs were done perfectly.  My entire town flooded last August and the majority of my friends and family were in the same situation of having to rebuild their homes.  After seeing how Graymark repaired my home, several family members and friends chose to use Graymark as well.  Many that did not wished they had.  From the first impression to the last detail, Graymark was professional and completed my home with the highest quality while staying within my budget.  Choosing Graymark to rebuild my home a great decision.  I highly recommend Graymark Homes.   – Mike and Kimberly Cedotal

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